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Clan: Godhead
Home: Heaven
Allegiance: Messian Church
YHVH is the Absolute One, the lord of Heaven and the greatest power currently existing in Amala. Content to leave the affairs of Elysium to Lord Judah, his designs are far greater in scope: the perfection of human society, or rather the creation of a society where all roads lead to him.

He has existed, like most demons, since time immemorial, engaged in a bitter struggle against his rival Lucifer. Where Lucifer represents utter chaos, YHVH represents the rigid and unyielding framework of order. He desires nothing more than an eternal hold over the entirety of Amala and godhood over all people. With his self-image as a benevolent monarch who wishes to perfect his creations, he believes this to be for the absolute best, and that any who would impede him are objectively wrong and deserve nothing less than annihilation if they continue their opposition.

More so even than Lord Judah, YHVH disdains all who exist outside his rule. Lord Godo, Ishtar, the Demi-Fiend, and especially Lucifer draw nothing but contempt.

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