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Amala Network
The Amala Network is just that – a vast sprawl of constantly-shifting passageways and conduits that link the various worlds together and shuttle Magatsuhi from one place to another. Immense beyond all imagining, the Network is the largest region in Amala, the great skin that keeps everything held together.

It takes a keen sense and strong will to be able to even begin to navigate the passageways with anything approaching a sense of direction, especially when nearing a world. The area of the Network near a world becomes even more snarled and honeycombed with narrow tunnels and passages, with several exits to regions in the world that appear and disappear almost at random. Outside the immediate vicinity of a world, it becomes much more open, but this openness also brings the confusion of the void. Seemingly endless expanses and alcoves dot the Network between worlds, and marks of direction are few and far between to the casual observer. If that weren't enough, the flow of Magatsuhi itself is more than capable of dragging an unprepared traveler – whether human or demon - under, subsuming them into the great tides of the universe.

Despite these formidable obstacles, it is quite possible to navigate the Network to a certain extent. Magatsuhi flows in currents and pathways, shaping the Network with its presence and motion. For a trained guide, reading the flow of Magatsuhi provides enough of a signpost to navigate to nearby worlds, though travel to further worlds is more or less impossible due to the constantly shifting currents.

As can be surmised, countless demons roam the Amala Network and call it home, braving the chaotic currents to dine on the Magatsuhi from countless worlds. Only the strongest demons can stay for long, but the quality and quantity of the bounty to be had is enough for most to take the risk. Many expend any excess energy by creating duplicates of themselves, which wander of their own free will. Others restrict their access to the Magatsuhi in the Network for safety or ethical reasons, sipping only when necessary. A few, however, seek to constantly stockpile more and more, growing in size and strength. Such demons are easy to pick out, and can cause untold havoc if they were to decide to take hostile action.

Sea of Binah
Leader: Ishtar (Mother Earth)
Alignment: Neutral

Other Important Residents:
- Astarte (Wargod: chief of security)
- Anuune (Elf – Fairy: runs supply store)
- Houri (Peri – Yoma: runs healing fountain)
- Collector Manikin (Corpus: runs junk shop)
- Edmund (Dwarf – Primordial: runs gem shop)
- Ame-no-Uzume (Amatsu: runs terminal café)
- Madam (Nyx – Nocturnus: runs bar)
- Cu Chulainn (Demigod: runs arena)
- Master of the Cathedral of Shadows
- Futomimi (Guardian: incognito scout)
- Proselytizers (Messian and Gaian)
- Lots and lots of prostitutes
- Mara. Just…Mara (Tyrant: prostitute)

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