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Demon Alignment
Light-Law Light-Neutral Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law Neutral Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law Dark-Neutral Dark-Chaos
Unique/Unfusable/Unrecruitable (Black)

Affinity The demon can start with up to three skills of its affinity's type.
Ailments A blanket term for mind, nerve, and curse skills.
Destroy A blanket term for skills that strike the target or targets dead instantly.
Drain The demon is healed by skills of this type.
Immune The demon cannot be affected by skills of this type.
Magic A blanket term for fire, ice, force, and lightning skills.
Reflect The demon reflects skills of this type back to the caster.
Resist Skills of this type are less effective against the demon.
Start The demon automatically starts with this skill.
Tier The demon's starting tier.
Weak Skills of this type are more effective against the demon.

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Alignment: Neutral
Tiers: Grand - Exalted
Beings with dominion over war. As their name would suggest, Wargods are excellent overall allies in battle, with some who prefer the front line and others who prefer a supportive role.
Valkyrie.png Valkyrie
Tier: Grand
Drain: Fire
Immune: Death
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Physical, Death
Start: Soul Recruit
The Choosers of the Slain in Norse Mythology. After a battle, they find those who died and offer the bravest passage to Valhalla to become einherjar, warrior souls who would fight for Odin at Ragnarök.
Nemain.jpg Nemain
Tier: Grand
Resist: Physical
Weak: Mind, Nerve
Affinity: Mind, Curse
A goddess of battle in Celtic mythology, and one of the triumvirate of goddesses called the Morrigan. She was said to represent the frenzy of battle, and confused soldiers to grant victory to the side she favored.
Ares.jpg Ares
Tier: Grand
Immune: Physical
Weak: Ailments, Death
Affinity: Physical
Start: Chaos Wave
The god of war in Greek mythology. Unlike his counterpart Athena, Ares was rather dim-witted and lacked tactical acumen, such that Athena bested him constantly.
Kartikeya.png Kartikeya
Tier: Grand
Immune: Lightning
Weak: Fire, Death
Affinity: Expel, Force
A Hindu god of war, also known as Skanda and Murugan. He rides upon a peacock called Paravani, with a bow and arrow drawn. He commands the army of the gods, and defeated the forces of Asura-ou.
ScathachIcon.jpg Scathach
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Force, Ice
Resist: Physical
Weak: Fire
Affinity: Physical
Start: Wind Cutter, Icy Death, Gae Bolg
A warrior queen of the Land of Shadows in Celtic lore. She taught the Irish hero Cu Chulainn the art of war, and gave him the spear Gae Bolg.
Thor.jpg Thor
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Lightning
Immune: Destroy, Mind, Nerve, Physical
Weak: Curse
Start: Beast Eye, Thunder Reign, Elec Break, Javelin Rain, Diarahan, Focus
Norse thunder god, and son of Odin. He wears the belt Megingjard, which doubles his power. Lightning flashes whenever he throws his hammer, Mjolnir.
Athena.jpg Athena
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Physical
Immune: Curse
Weak: Ice
Affinity: Support, Physical
Start: Analyze
The Greek and Roman goddess of wisdom, known to the Romans as Minerva. She represents just decisions and strategic warfare and is the only goddess allowed to carry Zeus's thunderbolts. She is the patron goddess of Athens, which was named after her.
Image made by Yuhon
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Destroy, Nerve
Resist: Physical, Ice, Fire
Weak: Curse, Mind
Start: Beast Eye, Absolute Zero, Focus, Javelin Rain, Prayer, Samarecarm
A fertility, sex, and war goddess from northern Semitic regions. She was once forcibly fused with Ishtar to form the mad demon Astaroth, but was saved by Aleph, the human Messiah. She now serves as the leader of the Sea of Binah's security forces.

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