NPCs - Thor

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Clan: Wargod
Home: Elysium
Allegiance: Messian Church
Thor is the general of the angels and Templar Knights that guard the Messian Church. Ever vigilant, he is a formidable enemy of those who would sow misery by denying the Thousand-Year Kingdom.

Spared the destruction and humiliation that befell many of his fellow gods, Thor was selected by YHVH to be his faithful servant, a shining example of what lay in wait for the faithful. For years upon years he served as an emissary and guardian, and was eventually entrusted with the judgment of the world. YHVH had declared the final judgment at hand, and Thor was to be the hammer that would reshape the world to his master's wishes. It was thus that the Great Destruction was wrought, and the world blasted to cinders. Out of the ashes rose Tokyo Millenium, and Thor stepped aside to allow the angels their run of events according to YHVH's plan. It was then that he witnessed the impossible: the human Messiah, Aleph, rose up against his creator and slew him.

Feeling lost, Thor fled the heavenly host, hiding even when YHVH reappeared and shattered Aleph's world to create the many worlds of Amala. What good was he, after all, if he had failed in protecting his master? His despondence led him to the employ of Gozu-Tennoh, a demon who believed in strength over all. With him, Thor, believed, he could regain his honor and perhaps re-enter his true master's presence with a clear conscience. Whether true or not, Thor waited for a long time, finding his sign only when he was awakened to the Reason of Yosuga. Seemingly a contradiction to YHVH's ways, Thor was startled to find so many angels wholeheartedly accepting it as theirs. After some thought, however, he understood: YHVH was the only power, so it stood to reason that no other power was necessary. With his spirit thus reinforced, he stood against the unholy Demi-Fiend in an attempt to prove himself. Though he failed in the end, YHVH forgave him and once again instated him as the guardian and steward of his Church.

Thor's opinions are an interesting mix of his admiration of YHVH's mercy and his belief in power as the core of all rightness. The Gaian Church and Lucifer, predictably, earn only his scorn as pretenders to YHVH's throne. Likewise, he scoffs at Binah's pretenses at neutrality. To him, any deviation from the true God's plan is a denial of his mercy and an outright blasphemy. As for the Demi-Fiend, Thor regards him as yet another usurper. To Thor's mind, there can be no peace until he is eradicated from all existence.

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