Demon Skills

Demon magic and fighting techniques share a few cosmetic similarities with their human equivalents, but follow largely different practical concerns. Demon combat's general guidelines are as follows, though there are techniques and demons that defy them:

  • Power is more important than accuracy. Demon bodies have much higher damage thresholds than mortal ones, which renders aiming for vital spots much less effective.
  • Demonology plays a vital role. Identifying a given demon's nature will reveal their vulnerabilities, if any, making the fight a simple matter of exploiting those weaknesses.
  • Cover is less important, especially when facing a strong demon. The range, power, and area of effect of many demon techniques render terrain little more than an inconvenience.

Note to Muns: No, you're not required to memorize any of this. It's just for reference, and in case you really like crazy levels of detail. Just keep the list open in another tab if you really need to, though I doubt you'll need to.

Skills listed in black are limited to a specific clan or demon.

Skills Glossary

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