NPCs - Sakahagi

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Clan: Foul
Home: Amala Network
Sakahagi, unlike most demons, takes the Amala Network itself as his permanent home, gorging himself on Magatsuhi, hiding when necessary, and attacking all who cross his path. It is his ambition to be master of all demons, and he will stop at nothing in his path of destruction.

Sakahagi was a Manikin resident of a certain Vortex World. In life, he was a successful businessman, a hard worker with a loving family and a prestigious position. However, a series of tragedies struck him and embittered him, causing him to vow vengeance on the world. With this mindset, his soul migrated to the holy river banks of Mifunashiro, shaping a Manikin body and personality according to his desires. Across the Vortex World, he terrorized Manikins and stole the Magatsuhi they had for himself, trying to grow in power such that he would be master of all he surveyed. Even after being resurrected as a demon, he continues his rampage, hunted by and hunting all around him.

Sakahagi has little patience for politics, and thus has no real opinion of any of the factions. Any are fair game to be added into his coat of skins.

Name: Girimehkala
Type: Girimehkala
Clan: Vile
Tier: Grand
Reflect: Physical
Immune: Expel, Death
Weak: Ailments
Fire Attack
Force Attack
Elec Attack
Drain Attack
Life Drain
Name: Níðhöggr
Type: Níðhöggr
Clan: Dragon
Tier: Grand
Immune: Ice, Force, Death
Weak: Expel
Abyssal Tone
Life Drain
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