NPCs - Yuko Takao

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Clan: Human
Home: Mu
Allegiance: Nameless
Once merely a high school teacher for civics, Yuko Takao has found herself in a drastically grander role. Being former Maiden of her Vortex World, now an ally of the Demi-Fiend, Yuko is uncertain about her circumstances, but is driven by a desire to make life better for any she is able to help.

Despite her outward facade of composure and calm wisdom, she has a streak of self-deprecation that occasionally shows on the surface. She has a perfectionist sort of habit, wanting very much to help make a better world for people— or at least inspire people around her to take likewise action. As a teacher, she takes great pride in her students' accomplishments, but also often doubts her own capabilities. Despite her feelings of doubt, she has many accomplishments under her belt. For one, her students, particularly Naoki Kashima, hold her as a mother figure and inspiration to them all. She is also the foremost pioneer in developing techniques to manipulate the passages in the Amala Network on a large scale. These techniques are used to create highways of Magatsuhi capable of shuttling Naoki's teams at high speed, even across great distances.

Her profession as a teacher obviously makes her considerably politically savvy: her interactions with other factions define her view of the current situation. She's had contacts within the Gaian Church even when she was simply a teacher, and consequently she tends to avoid the Messian Church and YHVH. However, she sees a similarity between Lucifer and Hikawa, due to their use of humans as tools with lack of remorse. She envies and to a certain extent admires Ishtar for her self-assurance, and views Binah as a well-run place. It is to Naoki, however, that she looks most for strength. He demonstrated the resolve she so desperately wanted in the Vortex World, and in the end he was the one who was able to fulfill her wish. His indecisive feelings before his time in the Vortex World serve to reinforce her belief in him, and she is convinced that he is worth following. She views a certain level of salvation in Naoki, as his confidence will provide hope for the possibility, and her wish, of improving life for all.

Name: Omoikane
Type: Omoikane
Clan: Amatsu
Tier: Grand
Immune: Magic
Weak: Physical
Name: Joan
Type: Joan of Arc
Clan: Hero
Tier: Grand
Immune: Expel, Mind
Weak: Fire
Divine Thunderbolt
Hama Boost
War Cry
Name: Eir
Type: Valkyrie
Clan: Wargod
Tier: Grand
Drain: Fire
Immune: Death
Weak: Expel
Hell Thrust
Stasis Wave
Soul Recruit
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