NPCs - Muramasa

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Clan: Human
Home: Keter 'Elyōn
Allegiance: Gaian Church
Muramasa is one of the many weaponsmiths in the city of Keter 'Elyōn, and his status as the best in his field is currently without serious contest. Lord Godo's tacit endorsement of his work (his guards are all equipped with Muramasa's highest-quality weapons) only further cements his position and increases his prestige, though his unique skills with magic have also made him the only producer of the notorious berserker weapons.

The scion of an old noble family, Muramasa's smithing techniques are not the product of family pedigree, but intense self-training. He was quickly acknowledged as a prodigy, and made a name for himself among the many competing sects of the Gaian Church. Those who favored his work would often see their soldiers' battle efficiency rise by a notable margin, as though the weapons themselves impelled their wielders to ever more daring actions. It could even be argued that buying a five-year exclusive contract with Muramasa was what truly secured Lord Godo's position as the overall leader of the Gaian Church.

A secluded and private fellow, Muramasa speaks little and dislikes buyers who attempt polite conversation. A sign of this is his barely-concealed disdain for politics. His general rule is that anyone who can meet his high prices and avoid irritating him is welcome to buy, even Messians (though they tend to disdain his weapons as malicious and unholy).

Name: Garm
Type: Garm
Clan: Wilder
Tier: Grand
Resist: Ice, Death, Mind
Weak: Fire
Feral Bite
Fire Attack
Fire Boost
Abyssal Tone
Curse Boost
Fog Breath
Name: Ose
Type: Ose
Clan: Fallen
Tier: Grand
Immune: Death
Weak: Nerve
Stasis Wave
Name: Qilin
Type: Qilin
Clan: Holy Beast
Tier: Grand
Resist: Expel, Magic
Weak: Physical
Divine Thunderbolt
Hama Boost
Hell Thrust
Mind's Eye
Gem Hunt
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