NPCs - Taira no Masakado

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Clan: Guardian
Home: Amala Network
Allegiance: Nameless
The vaunted Protector of Tokyo, Taira no Masakado has defended his chosen city ever since his ascension to godhood in the old world of Malkuth. Among the many demons in Amala, he garners little attention, but commands much respect from those who know him.

Masakado was once a rebel who laid claim to the Emperor's throne in Japan, hoping to create a new age of peace and happiness for his nation. His defeat in this endeavor was only the beginning. Having ascended to the position of a demigod, his spirit lay over the city of Tokyo, and the nation prospered and waned according to the respect he was given and the actions of his people. However, though his power was great, the power of the Great Will - YHVH - was stronger, and soon he found himself cut down by the kunitsukami, who were falsely promised the nation they so wished to rule. Their true wages were only to be sealed and cast aside when no longer useful, and so they aided the human Messiah, Aleph, in piecing Masakado back together. In gratitude, he helped Aleph accomplish his quest, which ended in the defeat and scattering of the Great Will. Masakado was also there when YHVH reappeared and created the worlds of Amala from Malkuth's corpse. For his sin of raising his hand against the Absolute One, YHVH sealed Masakado and his followers away in a small pocket of the Amala Network, the mystic Bando Shrine. From here, he holds court and tries to do what he can for his beloved Tokyo, including entrusting his power and station to Naoki Kashima, the Demi-Fiend. Though even this effort failed, Masakado has not given up on Naoki. With the boy's help, he believes, Amala can finally be at peace and the lands everywhere - Japan and otherwise - can prosper.

As an ally of Naoki, Masakado's support of his faction is clear, and he disdains YHVH and Lucifer as disturbers of the peace. He has had little to no contact with the residents of Binah, and so he reserves his judgment on Ishtar.

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