NPCs - Madam

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Clan: Nocturnus
Home: The Sea of Binah
Madam's Bar is a popular destination for drink and conversation, and its proprietor, a Nyx of the same name, is renowned for providing ample quantity and quality of both. Whether as an expert bartender or canny information broker, Madam has made a name for herself as the go-to girl in the Sea of Binah.

Madam's origin is one of the things she keeps private, but she will admit that she's been running her bar for longer than she can remember. With entrances positioned in several worlds, she's kept very busy, but greatly enjoys her job. Her millennia of experience has yielded thousands of drink mixes and variations along with a keen sense for customers and how best to address them, and so far all customers have been more than satisfied with her service.

While she professes no strong allegiance to anyone, this is a rare deception of hers. The Messian and Gaian Churches alike court mild disdain, as she considers their members' conflicts detrimental to the peace she values. That being said, she's quite content with serving them drinks or tips; their money is as good as anybody's.

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