NPCs - Lucifer

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Clan: Devil
Home: Labyrinth of Amala
Allegiance: Gaian Church
Lucifer is the lord of the Labyrinth of Amala and the Fallen Angel who has opposed YHVH since time immemorial. Much like his enemy, he leaves the affairs of the Gaian Church to Lord Godo, though this is not so much because of his not caring as the existence of the Gaian Church itself contributing to his plans to usurp YHVH and seize power for himself.

While he sees himself as a protector of free will, Lucifer is a study in contradictions. His favor of free will stands in stark contrast to his constant scheming and attempts to engineer a favorable situation in Amala. His devious nature in turn belies the honest respect and admiration he shows his enemies. The enmity he has for YHVH, however, seems only to underscore how similar their aims are. To gain revenge and to create a thousand-year-kingdom for demonkind, Lucifer is willing – though not eager – to trample the interests of humanity just as thoroughly as his enemy, if it comes to that.

As his personality implies, his opinions on other leaders are nuanced. Lord Judah and YHVH are certainly his enemies, but he professes admiration for the power YHVH commands (more than even the Messian Church, he acknowledges YHVH as The Absolute One) and the interesting philosophical points Lord Judah raises. Ishtar was a caretaker even when he was lord of the demon world, and he has little interest in controlling Binah specifically. That being said, he is working to turn her to his side. His servant, Lord Godo, is at once a disposable tool and a dynamic and intelligent ally. Because of Lord Godo's talents, Lucifer knows that he could ask for only one better: Naoki Kashima, the Demi-Fiend. While he respects Naoki's decision, he is busy with efforts to either replace him or re-recruit him.

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