NPCs - Lord Judah

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Clan: Human
Home: Elysium
Allegiance: Messian Church
The newest head of the Messian Church, Lord Judah has spent his life surrounded by the good graces and blessings of YHVH. His belief in and devotion to Law is absolute, and any answers he may propose for any given situation come directly from Law's tenets.

His history is perhaps the ideal one as imagined by residents of Elysium. His youth was spent training to be a Templar Knight, the cadre of humans assigned to supplement the vaunted angels themselves in the defense of hearth and home. As a Knight, others knew him to be a theologian and philosopher of penetrating insight, able to solve even the hairiest of conundrums with simple platitudes properly applied. When thoughts and words didn't suffice, he was also an expert with the spear, famous for using his Feng Huang's speed and wide-reaching skills to help him control the battlefield. The residents of Elysium called him “The Great Shield” in honor of his tireless efforts to preserve the peace of his world from corruption by Gaians.

With his devotion to Law, it's not difficult to imagine Lord Judah's opinions on the other leaders. YHVH is his rock and anchor, the pillar around which he builds his entire life and sacred duty. Against Lord Godo and Lucifer he stands ever vigilant, decrying them as heretics and blasphemers, though he does grudgingly admit respect for their intelligence and guile. Ishtar is something of another matter: while he dismisses her as a distraction from the true path of God, he is sympathetic towards her and prays for her salvation and acceptance of YHVH as the truth in all things. Less of a conundrum is Naoki Kashima, the Demi-Fiend. Simply put, Lord Judah fears him as a terrible and destructive demon, a dark stain on the universe that must be either turned to the light or put out of its misery.

Name: Alyssa
Type: Feng Huang
Clan: Avian
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Expel
Weak: Death
Absolute Zero
Life Refill
Name: Mithra
Type: Mithra
Clan: Deity
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Expel, Death
Weak: Nerve, Curse
Divine Retribution
Hell's Judgment
Death Pact
Name: Cherub
Type: Cherub
Clan: Divine
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Expel
Immune: Ailments
Weak: Death
Divine Retribution
Hama Boost
Call Angel
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