NPCs - Lord Godo

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Clan: Human
Home: Keter 'Elyōn
Allegiance: Gaian Church
Unlike the Messian Church, leadership of the Gaian Church is decided mostly by determining who rises to the top in the haphazard and violent interactions between rival sects. They call it a meritocracy, but most outsiders are decidedly less favorable. Either way, the newest head of the Church, Lord Godo, has kept a firm hold on all the sects, and his thwarting of numerous coups and attempts to undermine him have convinced most Gaians that he was meant to lead.

Coming from unprivileged origins, Lord Godo didn't show much promise at first. Showing himself to be an indifferent student and a mediocre fighter since childhood, he seemed the very type of person who would be doomed to a life living in the shadow of his superiors. However, this soon was revealed to be simply a deception. Masking his movements and negotiations under his well-known affinity for artwork, he had been cultivating pockets of followers loyal to him, waiting patiently for the right opportunity to spring his own bid for power. Much of his threat came from deception and timing, even in personal combat; most enemies simply didn't know what was happening until it was far too late to do anything about it. Because of this, he has been called “The Unseen Sword,” even in Elysium.

Much like other Gaians, Lord Godo pays no mind to others' backgrounds, focusing instead on their actions. Because of this, he has a certain amount of respect for Lord Judah, even though he dismisses his dedication to YHVH as dogmatic and inflexible. YHVH is another matter, however; much as Godo hates to admit it, YHVH is beyond his ken and deserves a wide berth. Lucifer's sponsorship of his leadership has given Godo ample reason to praise him, but he refuses to go so far as to depend entirely on Lucifer's good graces. He has no opinion on Ishtar, deciding mostly on “live and let live.” Naoki is an enigma to Godo, a failed Dark Messiah that defies all factions. Whatever his aims, Godo has resolved to watch him with great interest.

Type: Samael
Clan: Vile
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Ailments
Immune: Death
Weak: Expel, Force
Hell's Judgment
Mudo Boost
Evil's Curse
Curse Boost
Name: Ravana
Type: Ravana
Clan: Destroyer
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Expel, Death
Resist: Physical
Weak: Mind
Drain Attack
Magma Axis
Icy Death
Wind Cutter
Name: Lilith
Type: Lilith
Clan: Nocturnus
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Death
Resist: Expel
Thunder Reign
Bolt Storm
Elec Boost
Elec Break
Xeros Beat
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