Demonic Compendium - Legend

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Demon Alignment
Light-Law Light-Neutral Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law Neutral Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law Dark-Neutral Dark-Chaos
Unique/Unfusable/Unrecruitable (Black)

Affinity The demon can start with up to three skills of its affinity's type.
Ailments A blanket term for mind, nerve, and curse skills.
Destroy A blanket term for skills that strike the target or targets dead instantly.
Drain The demon is healed by skills of this type.
Immune The demon cannot be affected by skills of this type.
Magic A blanket term for fire, ice, force, and lightning skills.
Reflect The demon reflects skills of this type back to the caster.
Resist Skills of this type are less effective against the demon.
Start The demon automatically starts with this skill.
Tier The demon's starting tier.
Weak Skills of this type are more effective against the demon.

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Alignment: Neutral
Tiers: Grand
Legendary humans with an uncertain existence. Similar to their Hero brethren, Legends are versatile allies with powerful unique skills.
Roland.jpg Roland
Tier: Grand
Immune: Expel
Affinity: Support
Start: Beckon Call
The foremost of the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne. He wields the unbreakable sword, Durandal, and bears the holy trumpet Oliphant. He is most famous for his rearguard action at the Battle of Ronceveaux Pass.
LonginusIcon.jpg Longinus
Tier: Grand
Immune: Expel, Death
Resist: Ailments
Affinity: Expel
The commonly-assigned name for the blind centurion who stabbed Jesus Christ in the side with his lance. His blindness was cured by the blood, and he afterwards became a saint.
Sigurd.png Sigurd
Tier: Grand
Immune: Physical
Weak: Mind
Affinity: Physical
Start: Mind's Eye
A Norse hero, and the wielder of the holy sword, Gram. He killed the dragon Fafnir and bathed in its blood, which confers invulnerability, except for a spot on his shoulder where a leaf was stuck.
Arthur.jpg Arthur
Tier: Grand
Immune: Expel, Destroy
Weak: Ailments
Affinity: Physical, Expel
The legendary king of Britain who wields Excalibur. His stewardship of Britain from Camelot is famous, but the legends surrounding his story change with the culture telling them.
SarutobiSasuke.jpg Sasuke Sarutobi
Tier: Grand
Affinity: Physical, Magic, Ailments
Start: Sukukaja
A disputed member of the Sanada Ten Braves. He was said to have gained his legendary agility by living among monkeys. Because of his abilities, his name became synonymous with ninja in popular culture.
Samson.jpg Samson
Tier: Grand
Immune: Expel
Resist: Physical
Weak: Mind
Affinity: Physical
A hero from the Old Testament. His strength, derived from a holy geis to never cut his hair, was such that he could tear a lion in half with his bare hands, and struck down one thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey.
Gilgamesh.jpg Gilgamesh
Tier: Grand
Resist: Physical, Magic
Weak: Expel, Nerve
Affinity: Physical, Healing
The first epic hero. He was the mightiest warrior and king among his people, but a fear of loss led him to seek immortality. However, it eluded him at every turn, and so he took solace in the comforts of life.
Galahad.jpg Galahad
Tier: Grand
Drain: Expel
Affinity: Expel, Healing
The one proclaimed by Arthur to be the perfect knight. Though he is the one to finally attain the Holy Grail, his piety and purity apparently make it difficult for him to relate to others.

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