NPCs - Ishtar

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Clan: Mother Earth
Home: The Sea of Binah
Allegiance: Citizens of Binah
Ishtar is the ruler of the Sea of Binah, an island surrounded by ocean and full of the bounty of life. As a goddess of fertility, she has worked very hard to keep the harvests plentiful, her people happy, and herself satisfied.

Once petulant and thoughtlessly vindictive, Ishtar found herself lost to madness when she and the war goddess Astarte were forcibly fused into a single form, the mad Devil, Astaroth. She existed for millennia in this tortured state, but eventually found salvation in a human: the result of Tokyo Millennium's Messiah Project, Aleph. In her insanity, she attacked him at first, but upon realizing who he was, she begged him to free her, which he did. Because of this, her continued stewardship of Binah has been dedicated to his memory, and she has grown much as a leader of her people.

Her opinions of the other leaders in Amala vary. The Messian Church attracts her ire, due to their disdain of her as a “false goddess.” While she bears neither the Gaian Church no specific ill-will, so long as they leave her alone. She remains the outside neutral party among the powers in Amala, allying with none except as absolutely necessary.

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