NPCs - Isamu Nitta

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Clan: Haunt
Home: Mu
Allegiance: Nameless
Isamu Nitta is The Artist among his triangle of friends, rounding out Chiaki (The Chick) and Naoki (The Quiet One). Much like Chiaki, his winding route to Mu - and his role as one of Naoki's "Amala ghosts," led through much that he'd rather forget.

A laid-back and carefree person, Isamu was never without a smile on his face and a "big plan" on his mind, mostly involving him confessing his feelings for his teacher, Yuko Takao. Not a deep thinker by habit (except in his mind), the Conception and the mysterious voice's command for him to seek the truth went far beyond unsettling him. His uncomfortable search for Yuko - and the truth - led him to the Reason of Musubi, which put forth that solitude was the only truth of the world. Since he didn't care about anyone and no one cared about him, the right path for the world was a personal paradise of solitude, where none could interfere with anyone else. Betraying his Reason from the start, however, he constantly depended on others to do his dirty work, from Naoki's help in rescuing Yuko to his sacrifice of Hijiri to focus enough Magatsuhi to summon his god of creation, Noah. Eventually losing to Naoki in the battle for creation, Isamu returned to his life in the world (with suppressed memories of the Vortex World) until it ended once more when YHVH descended. His infatuation for Yuko reinforced by his feelings of powerlessness, he decided to join her in her search for Naoki to resurrect him and later joined Naoki on his long journey to Mu. Now, he lives mostly secluded, keeping a close watch on the Amala Network for threats when he's not hanging out with his friends or fiddling with a new game he found.

Isamu's value of solitude - and the perspective it brings - has not given him much of an opinion on any of the other factions. As far as he's concerned, he supports Naoki only because the two of them are friends. So long as he's left alone when he wants to be alone, he cares little for politics…or much of anything.


Despite his shallow analytical skills, Isamu is a cunning fighter, with a natural grasp of deception (perhaps due to him having lots of practice deceiving himself) and the sense to take full advantage of distractions. To this end, he relies more than most of his compatriots on subtle and effective Ailment attacks. While he doesn't profess to have any actual strategies, this is more indicative of how good his instincts are. Often, his enemies come in expecting a one-sided bloodbath, only to find their attempts to strike him consistently baffled and their ability to fight methodically dismantled before a final attack settles it.


Like Chiaki and Naoki, Isamu has a demon form, which grants him advantages - and disadvantages - compared to his human body. For one, he is incredibly resistant to Ailments of all kinds, to the point that they actually replenish his strength. Likewise, his resistance to Magic attacks - even Almighty-class magic - makes him difficult to attack with Spells. He does pay for this, however, by being quite frail physically, and lacking any protection against Expel and Death magic.

Drain: Ailments
Resist: Magic, Almighty
Weak: Physical
Affinity: Support

As the former champion of Musubi, Isamu likes to insist that his fighting style is self-sufficient. In another example of his core personality, however, this is another self-deception. His true strategy assures victory through rudimentary or instinctive teamwork, with him taking the credit for the final blow, and this is reflected in the skills he uses:

Mediarama - A rising chorus from the faces on Isamu's body can summon powerful healing magic.

Binding Cry - Rippling screeches from Isamu's many faces lock up his enemies' muscles, forcing them to tense and remain still.

Megidolaon - By visualizing the impending final battle of Amala, he aims to match a glimpse of that ferocity with raw, unfettered magical force.

Debilitate - With a discordant wail from the faces on his body, Isamu launches an attack on his enemies' senses, filling them with horror and making them less able to fight back.

Dekaja - A low rumble from the faces on Isamu's body is enough to shatter his enemies' enchantments.

Grand Labyrinth - A skill unique to Isamu, he evokes several powerful seals on himself, an ally, or a location. These seals render the target and everything within a certain radius of the target double-blind; no outside observer can detect yoki thusly sealed, and those sealed within likewise can't detect the yoki of anything outside. He's gotten good enough at this that he can change the radius almost at will, often to Naoki's specifications, but must stay within a certain distance of the seal to maintain its cohesion.

Name: Ongyo-ki
Type: Ongyo-ki
Clan: Nocturnus
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Death, Nerve
Immune: Expel, Mind
Weak: Curse
Xeros Beat
Abyssal Tone
Name: Galatea
Type: Galatea
Clan: Corpus
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Ailments
Wind Cutter
Mind Boost
Sexy Dance
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