NPCs - Hee-ho

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Clan: Nocturnus
Home: Mu
Allegiance: Nameless
As members of the most numerous clan of demons, Jack Frosts are a common sight. Most have humble ambitions, but Hee-ho dreamed of something more…and managed to achieve it.

Hee-ho's life as a normal Jack Frost was marked by curiosity. Regaled by stories about the great King Frost, Hee-ho was stirred to the ambition of becoming just as cute and deadly as his idol. The question, then, was how to go about it. He started out as a shopkeeper, eventually gaining enough Macca to go on a training journey. He wandered and fought, growing stronger and absorbing more and more Magatsuhi. Finally, he achieved his ambition, taking hold of his demon nature and transforming himself into the dangerous Black Frost. Thus empowered, he began to exult in his newfound abilities, but was crushed in battle against Naoki Kashima, the Demi-Fiend. His soul, which turned up later in the Labyrinth of Amala, did some thinking about this. Deciding that Naoki, being stronger than him, could act as a training partner for him to get even stronger, he approached him and muscled his way into his group. Against the demons Naoki faced in his quest to create a world of Freedom, Hee-ho was consistently among the most powerful allies he had, and Hee-ho came to value Naoki as a friend. Together, they stood against Kagutsuchi, again later when YHVH himself destroyed Naoki's world a second time, and all throughout Naoki's flight through Amala and creation of Mu, where he now serves as a member of Naoki's task forces.

There's really no question where Hee-ho's loyalties lie. The Messian Church, to him, is boring beyond belief, and while he admires Lucifer and the Gaian Church for their focus on strength and ability, and he considers Binah a fun place to play and visit, he is loyal to his friends in Mu. End of discussion.

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