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Demon Alignment
Light-Law Light-Neutral Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law Neutral Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law Dark-Neutral Dark-Chaos
Unique/Unfusable/Unrecruitable (Black)

Affinity The demon can start with up to three skills of its affinity's type.
Ailments A blanket term for mind, nerve, and curse skills.
Destroy A blanket term for skills that strike the target or targets dead instantly.
Drain The demon is healed by skills of this type.
Immune The demon cannot be affected by skills of this type.
Magic A blanket term for fire, ice, force, and lightning skills.
Reflect The demon reflects skills of this type back to the caster.
Resist Skills of this type are less effective against the demon.
Start The demon automatically starts with this skill.
Tier The demon's starting tier.
Weak Skills of this type are more effective against the demon.

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Alignment: Light Chaos
Tiers: Grand - Supreme
Protector deities. While Guardians tend to act only in defense of themselves, those under their care, and their respective homes, all should beware the sheer ferocity with which they approach this task.
Take-Minakata.jpg Take-Minakata
Tier: Grand
Reflect Lightning
Immune: Expel
Weak: Nerve
Affinity: Physical, Lightning
One of the sons of Okuninushi. When the amatsukami decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Take-Mikazuchi to conquer Take-Minakata. The two fought in the first sumo match, which Take-Mikazuchi won. His arms cut, Take-Minakata fled to Lake Suwa, where he became the guardian god.
Hachiman.png Hachiman
Tier: Grand
Immune: Ice
Weak: Death
Affinity: Ice, Healing
The Shinto god of war, and the divine protector of the Japanese people. He is worshipped by the peasants as the god of agriculture, and by the fishermen who hope he will fill their nets. An alternative name for him is Yawata, the god of the eight banderoles. The doves are his symbolic animals and his messengers.
Atavaka.jpg Atavaka
Tier: Grand
Immune: Destroy
Weak: Mind, Nerve
Affinity: Physical
Atavaka used to be a child-eating demon until he received Buddha's enlightenment. He then became one of the Yaksa Kings and vassal to Bishamonten, as well as the protector god of the southwest.
NiOuIcon.jpg Ni-ou
Tier: Grand
Immune: Death, Destroy, Curse
Resist: Physical, Nerve
Weak: Mind
Affinity: Physical, Support
Start: Oni-Kagura
The protectors of Buddha. Also known as the Kongorikishi, they are known for being very strong and fierce in their duty.
Zouchouten.png Zochouten
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Lightning
Immune: Destroy
Weak: Force
Affinity: Lightning, Physical
Start: Megidolaon
Zochouten is one of the Four Heavenly Kings featured in Buddhist teachings. His name means "he who enlarges" and he is the guardian of the South. He is also associated with the color blue and the sword.
Koumokuten.png Komokuten
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Force
Immune: Destroy
Weak: Lightning
Affinity: Force, Physical
Start: Megidolaon
Koumokuten is one of the Four Heavenly Kings featured in Buddhist teachings. His name means "he who sees all" and he is the guardian of the West. He is also associated with the color red, serpents, and the stupa of pearls.
Jikokuten.png Jikokuten
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Ice
Immune: Destroy
Weak: Fire
Affinity: Ice, Physical
Start: Megidolaon
Jikokuten is one of the Four Heavenly Kings featured in Buddhist teachings. His name means "watcher of the lands" and he is the guardian of the East. He is also associated with the color white and the musical instrument known as the pipa.
Bishamonten.png Bishamonten
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Fire
Immune: Destroy
Weak: Ice
Affinity: Fire, Physical
Start: Megidolaon
Also known as Bishamon, Tamonten and Vaishravana in Buddhist myth, he is the strongest of the Heavenly Kings. He protects the North and is the god of war.
Futomimi.jpg Futomimi
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Destroy, Ailments
Resist: Physical
Start: Wind Cutter, Hassohappa, Focus, Prayer, Debilitate, Endure
A good Manikin that was reborn, called back into the world by the Afterlife Bell. Because of his doings in the previous life, he has gained new powers.
MahakalaIcon.jpg Mahakala
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Lightning
Drain: Fire
Immune: Death
Affinity: Physical, Fire
An Indian god who repels evil, known as Daikokuten in Buddhism. Its swords are fearsome, but by paying tribute to him, believers may be blessed with tremendous wealth and happiness.
Masakado.jpg Masakado
Tier: Supreme
Immune: Expel, Death, Destroy, Ailments, Magic, Physical
Start: Dragon Eye, Prayer, Focus, Pierce, Hassohappa, Megidolaon
Taira no Masakado, hero of the Heian period. He claimed the title "Shinno" (New Emperor) and rebelled against the government. He was killed, but it is said he became a demigod. Many believe that the fortunes of Tokyo depend on Masakado's discretion and the condition of his shrine.

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