Setting - Glossary
Amala The universe at large, the sum total of all worlds and the vast Network between them.
Chaos A philosophy that holds freedom of action as paramount. It is accepting and passionate at its best, but destructive and unthinking at its worst.
COMP A wearable computer, often used in conjunction with a Demon Summoning Program. It has most of the functionality of a COMP Terminal at somewhat reduced capacity for portability's sake.
Conception A global cataclysm that gives rise to a Vortex World.
Dark A designation used to describe demons that are villified.
Demon A creature that exceeds the mundane. Instead of describing an evil spirit or entity, it is a catch-all term for any supernatural being, from angels to dragons to devils.
Demon Summoning Program A special computer program coded by an eccentric scientist named Steven. With its aid, a human can secure the aid of demons.
Law A philosophy that holds order as paramount. It is serene and helpful at its best, but fascist and xenophobic at its worst.
Light A designation used to describe demons that are revered.
Macca The universal currency of demons. It takes the form of coins made of unearthly metal, imprinted with demonic designs.
Magatsuhi Energy created by human desire and emotion. Humans and Manikins are the greatest sources of Magatsuhi, and as such demons either seek their adulation or their torment, as both instill particularly intense emotions.
Network, Amala The collection of pathways between worlds. Traversing the Amala Network requires either an external guide or an excellent sense for or command of the flow of Magatsuhi.
Network, COMP Another term for the Internet.
Reason A guiding principle that has the potential to govern the society of a Vortex World.
Shadow World A false world created from collective human imagination, without access to enough Magatsuhi to give it substance.
Terminal, Amala A spinning, rune-inscribed drum used for travel from location to location within a world, or between worlds. Each can also be used to learn about a world, or to observe different locations. The Messian Church scrupulously monitors as many of these Amala Terminals as they can, but there are many that still go unnoticed.
Terminal, COMP A stationary computer, most often used for communicating with others, acquiring information, and personal entertainment.
Vortex World The embryonic state of the world after a Conception, in preparation for its rebirth according to a Reason.
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