NPCs - Futomimi

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Clan: Guardian
Home: The Sea of Binah
Allegiance: Nameless
Futomimi is one of Naoki's loyal followers. Once a prophet Manikin who led other Manikins in Naoki's Vortex World, he was killed during the battle to recreate the world, but was resurrected as a demon afterward.

Oddly enough, Futomimi's source soul was that of an unrepentant serial killer who at times wondered what it would be like to feel true warmth and kindness. It was with this sentiment that he died, and so his soul migrated to the holy river bank at Mifunashiro, forming a body and personality according to his desires. As the benevolent and kind leader of the Manikins, he fought for a world where Manikins would not exist as slaves, but lost to the power of Chiaki Hayasaka and her Reason of Yosuga. His soul descended to the Labyrinth of Amala, where he was found by Naoki and resurrected with the power of the Afterlife Bell. Reborn as a Guardian, he pledged his support to Naoki and joined his fight to create a world of Freedom, a fight that has expanded to include the preservation of the entire universe in the face of the two major factions in Amala.

Futomimi's disdain for absolute order and chaos leads him to oppose YHVH, Lucifer, and the Churches under their command. It is with Naoki that his true friendship and allegiance lies, but he also finds himself respecting Ishtar's stewardship of Binah, where humans and demons are treated equally and there is little discord to be found.

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