Fusion Rules and Chart

As can be surmised, fusion is the process by which two “parent” demons are joined and reformed into a new entity. This procedure can only be performed by the Master of the Cathedral of Shadows. The resulting demon will have its starting skills and may inherit skills from its “parent” demons at the player's discretion (albeit restricted by the resulting demon's affinities), will belong to the average of the “parent” demons' tiers, and will have a personality most similar to the best-developed of the “parent” demons.

If desired, a third demon can be added to the fusion as a sacrifice. The sacrifice must be a member of the Mitama clan and, depending on the Mitama used, will affect the personality of the resulting demon (corresponding to the type of Mitama used) in addition to granting them its skills. The result of a sacrifice fusion will be of the highest tier among the “parent” demons.

If you want to fuse demons, send a PM to the mod journal, and I'll tell you the result. Trust me, you don't want to see the chart.

…Well, if you do, it's here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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