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Citizens of Binah
Leader: Ishtar (Mother Earth)
Alignment: Neutral
Headquarters: Sea of Binah
Structure: Monarchical

- Ishtar (matron)
- Astarte (chief of security)

- Security force members (military)
- Harem (military/civilian)
- Citizens (civilian)

As the de facto nexus of Amala, the Sea of Binah is a truly cosmopolitan community. Under the guidance and protection of Ishtar, it has withstood the tests of time and discord, proudly standing as an example of harmony in a universe slowly polarizing into battle lines.

The community of Binah is as old as time itself, and has gone through many many changes. The old era of Binah was marked by prosperity and fertility, but Ishtar's fickle nature made for an unsteady regime, held together by equal parts dependence and intimidation. Only demons were allowed, save for any humans she found attractive enough to seduce. These humans, along with demons culled from the streets of Binah, were trapped in her harem, forced to serve at her every whim until she tired of them and discarded them like so much trash. The rest of the citizenry praised her for her generosity, but feared her for her moments of fury or fancy; neither meant anything good for the populace.

The middle era, which encompassed the time Ishtar spent trapped as Astaroth, was a period of profound loss and confusion for Binah. With no leader, the land and the demons living there sickened, and the community had to struggle mightily just to survive. It was late in this era that humans began to arrive in Binah in greater numbers, colonists who traveled from their homes in the nexus region of Tiphares or the human world of Malkuth. Due to circumstance, the demons of Binah welcomed them, and the two communities united to eke out an existence. It was tough, but Binah proved willing enough to provide for its residents…enough to scrape by, at least.

This was the time when Aleph appeared and saved all they had known.

Freeing Ishtar and Astarte from their curse, Aleph returned her to Binah, where she went straight to work making the world fertile and vibrant again. The land truly rose to the challenge, and the residents soon swam in plenty once more. In Aleph's honor, Ishtar declared a new era for Binah, dedicated to the ideals for which he fought…and eventually died. The scattering of Makai during the genesis of Amala taxed her abilities to the utmost, but her willpower was enough to hold the region together, forming it into its own world. This island of prosperity quickly became a popular destination, playing host to the tired and beaten outcasts and enterprising travelers from worlds all across the new universe. Throughout the millennia, Ishtar's temperament cooled, and her growing reputation as a just and compassionate leader was well-deserved.

Unlike most human societies, Ishtar's world has remained a monarchy, which suits the citizens just fine. Ishtar listens to her people diligently, and her longevity is not in question. Other than this, the society's structure is quite loose, and has not yet suffered from this arrangement. There is little to no gap between rich and poor, minor issues are decided by a referendum of the affected parties, generosity and tolerance are encouraged in the populace, happiness is never in short supply, and stray troublemakers are swiftly dealt with. To most, the Sea of Binah is a paradise.

The security forces - led by Ishtar's counterpart, Astarte - work to protect the citizenry from threats. Whether common criminals or rampaging demons, Astarte and her subordinates stand ready and act quickly. The military is organized in a typical hierarchical system, divided into units by function and stratified by rank. Added onto the regulars are irregular militias composed of volunteers from the populace in the event of a crisis. Set apart from these two main wings of the military are Ishtar's harem. In addition to fulfilling her desires, they are also her personal guards, lavished with top-quality training and equipment. Regardless of origin or status, all members of the security forces wear Ishtar's logo, a white square with an eight-point star in the center.

Soldier uniform
Officer uniform

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