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Demon Alignment
Light-Law Light-Neutral Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law Neutral Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law Dark-Neutral Dark-Chaos
Unique/Unfusable/Unrecruitable (Black)

Affinity The demon can start with up to three skills of its affinity's type.
Ailments A blanket term for mind, nerve, and curse skills.
Destroy A blanket term for skills that strike the target or targets dead instantly.
Drain The demon is healed by skills of this type.
Immune The demon cannot be affected by skills of this type.
Magic A blanket term for fire, ice, force, and lightning skills.
Reflect The demon reflects skills of this type back to the caster.
Resist Skills of this type are less effective against the demon.
Start The demon automatically starts with this skill.
Tier The demon's starting tier.
Weak Skills of this type are more effective against the demon.

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Alignment: Dark Neutral
Tiers: Grand - Supreme
Draconic demons, often malicious. Primal and dangerous creatures, Dragons range from the fragile Cockatrice to the nearly-indestructible Kuzuryu.
Cockatrice.jpg Cockatrice
Tier: Grand
Immune: Curse
Weak: Mind
Affinity: Curse
A creature described in Pliny's Natural History. It looks like a large rooster with a reptilian tail very similar to the basilisk; however, the cockatrice had wings and can usually fly. It is born when an egg laid by a rooster is incubated by a snake or toad.
Tarasque.jpg Tarasque
Tier: Grand
Resist: Physical
Weak: Expel, Mind
Affinity: Death
A dragon that had a lion's head, six short bear's legs, the body of an ox, the shell of a turtle, and a scaly tail with a sting like a scorpion. He terrorized the town of Nerluc until Saint Martha calmed him with hymns, whereupon the villagers panicked and killed him.
Basilisk.jpg Basilisk
Tier: Grand
Immune: Death, Curse
Weak: Nerve, Ice
Affinity: Death, Curse
A creature described in Pliny's Natural History. Hailed as the king of serpents, its very gaze was said to be deadly despite its small size. Its weakness was said to be the odor of a weasel.
Nidhoggr.jpg Níðhöggr
Tier: Grand
Immune: Ice, Force, Death
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Curse, Death
An evil dragon that gnaws on the roots of the Yggdrasil, the World Tree. It rules over the evil snakes that live there. It is capable of surviving Ragnarök by feeding on the slain corpses that drift to it.
Vritra.jpg Vritra
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Ice
Resist: Physical, Death
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Ice, Expel
An asura and a great Raja Naga who was considered to be the personification of drought. He is most famous for sealing away the waters of the world and becoming the enemy of Indra. He was depicted as a great serpent or dragon with three heads.
Yamata-no-Orochi.jpg Yamata-no-Orochi
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Ice, Lightning
Weak: Nerve, Fire, Force
Affinity: Ice, Physical
A giant snake with eight heads that fell at Susa-no-O's hands. The sword that came out of its tail was the Ame-no-murakumo-no-tsurugi, also known as the Sword of Kusanagi.
Ganga.jpg Ganga
Tier: Exalted
Drain: Ice
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Ice, Healing
The materialization of the Ganges River. While bathing in her waters confers a place in heaven, she is feared for her rage at being commanded to descend to Earth and subsequent promise to destroy the world by flood. She was stopped by Shiva.
TiamatIcon.jpg Tiamat
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Lightning
Drain: Ice
Weak: Force, Expel
Affinity: Lightning, Support
The primeval goddess of chaos, personified by the ocean, and mother of the first generation of gods. Her husbad, Apsu, attempted to kill their children, deciding the gods were too noisy, but the god Enki slew him. In vengeance, Tiamat gave birth to monsters and, taking the form of a great dragon, battled against the gods. Marduk slew her with the winds, and split her body in half to create the heavens and earth.
Kuzuryu.jpg Kuzuryu
Tier: Supreme
Drain: Ailments
Immune: Death, Destroy
Resist: Physical
Start: Dragon Eye, White-Feathered Arrow, Almighty Attack, Attack All, Focus, Drain Attack
A great nine-headed dragon. He once demanded a sacrifice to be chosen by firing a white-feathered arrow and seeing where it landed. He is so vast that the very tip of his buried back is a mountain range.

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