NPCs - Collector Manikin

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Clan: Corpus
Home: The Sea of Binah
Allegiance: None
The Collector Manikin is one of the odder shopkeepers in Amala, and his Junk Shop is certainly one place where a customer can find items that they couldn't in any other store. Whether or not anyone wants his specialty wares is another issue, but he's happy so long as he's able to keep collecting.

A very young demon by comparison, the jumble of human souls that would eventually become the Collector Manikin first appeared in a Vortex World. Much like other Manikins of that world, he was formed from the mud on the holy riverbanks of Mifunashiro, but emerged as something of an oddity compared to most others of his kind. His is a strong desire to remember his former human world, and from this comes the compulsion to collect scraps of human items and products. His journey's taken him all over his Vortex World and beyond, finally landing him in the Sea of Binah.

The Collector Manikin, being something of an eccentric, has few opinions on anything outside of his collection and his shop. Anyone who can pay - especially those who know something about human items - are welcome in his shop.

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