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Chiaki Hayasaka
Continuity Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Age 19
Sex Female
Type Demon - Wargod
Home Mu
Journal reasonofbeauty
FST Link to FST Here
Player Rox

Chiaki was born in Tokyo to a wealthy, prestigious family. Thanks to their status and reputation, she grew up under the pressure of extremely high expectations. She always studied extremely hard and was required to attend extra classes whenever possible to boost her chances of passing the college entrance exams. Because of this, she became very focused and ambitious, and was often at the top of her class. She met Naoki and Isamu in high school, when the two boys began attending her cram school. Though making friends didn’t come easily to her, she soon warmed up to their company in spite of herself, and the three remained friends throughout senior year.

It was during that year when Yuko Takao, a teacher who Chiaki greatly respected, fell ill and was taken to Shinjuku General Hospital. Concerned for her health, Chiaki, Isamu, and Naoki visited her three days later, the same day a riot between protesters and employees of the Cyverse company broke out.

When Chiaki arrived, however, the hospital was completely deserted. While the two boys went to go check the hospital more closely to make sure Yuko wasn’t there, Chiaki waited on the first floor, reading an occult magazine Naoki had acquired before arriving.

That was where she was when the Conception occurred – with no warning, the world she had always known was swallowed by chaos. Unlike Naoki, she was not granted demonic power. Instead she was set adrift in this strange world, with no knowledge of how it had occurred or what to expect – only the memory of a voice that had told her to survive. In Shibuya, thankfully one of the neutral areas of the Vortex World, she began to catch on to the bare facts; her world, as well as whatever power she had in it, was gone, and she would have to work gain it back. With only a few vague facts to go on, she pushed forward. At first her only goal was to find Naoki, Isamu, and Yuko. She didn’t have to wait long to find Naoki – he arrived in Shibuya not too long after the Conception had occurred. When they talked he offered to help her, but she refused. She had come to the conclusion that the only way to survive in this world would be to learn how to stand on her own, and she was determined to do so. She left and began traveling the Vortex World, miraculously surviving the ever-present dangers and threats.

But Chiaki was weak; she, as a lone wanderer, was at a distinct disadvantage in this world. Only one thing was truly of value here - power. Chiaki wanted power, needed power, and came to believe that all weak things were useless. She began to think the entire world should be filled with only powerful and beautiful things. By the time she reached Ikebukuro, home of the Mantra, she had decided to pursue the goal of creation. She would create a world with the Reason of Yosuga – the purging of all useless things, a world where only truth and power mattered. She explained to Naoki that although she was sad that the old world was gone, she would use this opportunity as a chance to get stronger, and to create a world from the power she gained. After speaking with Naoki at Ikebukuro, she left once again, determined to continue her journey.


Some time later, she traveled to Yoyogi Park seeking Magatsuhi and encountered the rogue Manikin Sakahagi. This encounter did not end well; Sakahagi attacked her, and she lost her arm before she could escape.

Badly injured and extremely upset, she returned to Ikebukuro again, where Gozu-Tennoh, now little more then a disembodied voice wandering the Amala Network, had returned to reestablish the Mantra, which had earlier been destroyed by Nihilo. When he asked Chiaki why she was there, she told him that, though she had tried to seek power, she hadn’t gained enough to change anything. Because of this, her Reason was in danger of dying out. Gozu-Tennoh saw this as an opportunity – as a demon, he was unable to recreate the world. If, however, he was able to infuse his spirit with a human’s, there was a chance that his vision could be realized. He offered her his power, and Chiaki accepted. Her body shook with power; the color drained from her hair, and her lost arm was replaced by a long black claw. Quickly the realization that she now had the power she so needed, could now change the world, dawned on her. Her confidence and determination were restored in full.


"I'm beautiful, don't you agree? Strength and beauty are one and the same."

After collecting the followers of Yosuga, Chiaki’s next concern was gathering Magatsuhi. She knew where to go – Asakusa, home of the Manikins. To her, they were weak and useless creatures, foolish for their goals to become something more – they had no right to exist in a world that valued strength. She and her demon followers mercilessly slaughtered them all, despite the protests of Naoki. When he tried to stand with Futomimi to defend Asakusa, she summoned three of her most powerful followers: Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, three of the great Serephs. Though Naoki defeated them, he was not able to stop Chiaki from killing Futomimi. With the Magatsuhi she now possessed, she was able to summon and fuse with her god, the result of which was called Baal Avatar.

Moving forward with her plan of creating the world of Yosuga, she and her followers traveled to the Tower of Kagutsuchi. There, on the 462nd floor, she once again encountered Naoki. First she sent her general, Thor, to fight her former friend, but he was dispatched with little effort. Eventually Naoki caught up to her, and she did not hesitate to attack with all her strength, rendering his allies unable to fight and healing herself with help from her Divine allies. But even with all her newfound strength, it proved to be her last fight. Naoki found and exploited her weaknesses, destroying her and her allies. She died weeping, cursing her weakness and unable to understand why Naoki, who possessed such great strength, didn’t accept the reason of Yosuga.

But that was not her end. When Naoki defeated Kagutsuchi and recreated the world, Chiaki returned, now without her memories of the Vortex World. For a few months, her life returned to normal. But when YHVH descended, most of the world was destroyed, leaving only a few refugees, including Chiaki, but only thanks to Naoki’s sacrifice in battle. At first, she was confused – without her memories, she had no idea where her friend’s power had come from. When he was finally revived she followed him, both out of a desire to help her friend and a need for answers.

He led her, Isamu, Yuko, Futomimi, and several demon followers to the Sea of Binah, and from there to a Shadow World in search of a Messiah who would help them defeat the YHVH. But the search proved to be fruitless, as Aradia informed them that the Messiah was already dead. The only thing that could be done now was to find a new world where they could hide and grow in strength. For a year the group searched, and Chiaki grew restless in her search for answers. Flashes of memory and remnants of her feelings as the champion of Yosuga, as well as some of her old demonic powers, had reawakened. She was no fool; she knew something had happened, something that had involved her directly. Occasionally she even felt the urge to attack Naoki – part of her saw her friends as enemies, and she couldn’t understand what it meant. Isamu knew felt the same way, and eventually they couldn’t hold back their questions any longer. They approached Naoki directly, and he told them everything, leaving no detail out. Her memories returned in full, and it was too much. She fell to her knees, unable to collect herself for some time.

After this, the search continued, though with less fervor as the group more and more found itself at a loss for how to proceed. Eventually, however, they found something – a world surrounded by countless demons answering the call of a mystical Gate. For three days and three nights they fought against this onslaught, giving Aradia time to descend upon the world and seal the contract. It worked, and Aradia welcomed them into her new world – Mu.

Now Chiaki serves as the field commander of Mu’s forces, working with Naoki to gain enough power that the group can act as a major force in Amala.


Chiaki, contrary to her own opinion, does not have a very remarkable appearance. She is slender and of average height, with skin on the pale side. Her long, dark brown hair is almost always worn down, locks lining her face and covering her ears. She has a round face, and though her features are individually soft and feminine, they are arranged in such a way as to give her a sharp, almost harsh expression.

As a wealthy girl, Chiaki always sees fit to keep up with the latest fashions. Typically she favors short dresses or skirts that are about knee-length, with long or occasionally quarter-length sleeved tops. Her jewelry selection is surprisingly minimal, and she often wears very little or – as is most often the case – none at all. For shoes she often favors boots, though recently her selections have leaned more toward the practical then the high fashion ends of the scale. Color-wise, she usually wears cool colors, such as purple or blue, but in lighter shades.

In her demon form, Chiaki’s hair was white, no longer flowing but firm, layered in spikes around her head. Her eyes were narrow, filled in with yellow and permanently fixed in an angry expression. Right at her nose, her almost sheet-white skin turned hard and brown, forming a mask though almost vine-like patterns, extending down to cover her neck and forming a large, imposing claw where her right arm was. Though her clothing remains mostly the same, the sleeves and a large amount of the top of her dress are gone, leaving just enough to cover her chest.


Chiaki is, above all, an extremely proud woman. Status has ruled her life, and she has always viewed herself as powerful. This confidence naturally makes her quite arrogant, and she often looks down on others, though she does have respect for certain people – Yuko, for example, and now Naoki. However, it is this very trait which leads her to pursue her goals with determination and certainty; she is confident that, given enough time, she has the power to accomplish anything.

She is incredibly focused, and has always been studious. As a result of this, she is very book smart, having previously maintained a very high class ranking and GPA. She is very capable with facts, and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt it – surprising, considering the value she places on brute strength and power, but she values competence in all aspects of life, both in herself and others. Since the Conception, she has come to believe that people should be respected and judged based on their ability, and that your true strength should determine your place in the world, not just luck and connections.

Though a bit more aware of the feelings and concerns of others then she was a year ago, Chiaki is still very self-absorbed. She’s a poor listener, and usually doesn’t think to show respect for the feelings of others. At the same time, she expects her friends to listen and sympathize with her.


The bulk of Chiaki's ability lies in her strength. She is a powerhouse, able to do a great amount of damage in a short amount of time. Her ability to endure is nothing to underestimate, either - she makes very sure that she can take just as much damage as she deals, if not more. In fact, most physical attacks do little to no damage at all. Unfortunately, this focus leaves a gap in regards to her magic. By herself she is vulnerable to the basic types of magic, and she can't use it very well. This is generally where her demon allies come in, using support skills to weaken an opponent's magic and leave them unable to ward off her attacks.

In addition to being resistant to physical attacks and ailments, Chiaki is completely immune to abilities that cause instant death and the elements associated with those skills (Expel and Death). She is rarely affected by ailments, but is generally well prepared in the case that she should be. She generally depends on Tiamat when faced with an enemy that must be destroyed with magic, and also takes full advantage of her support skills. Her other ally, Virtue, is her primary healer.

Chiaki, by nature, does not work well in a group…unless, of course, she is the one leading it. In fact, her leadership qualities are very strong. She is organized and careful, decisive and commanding. However, she lacks the sensitivity and understanding necessary for anyone to be considered a ‘skilled’ commander. Subordinates are like tools to her, and she expects them to function properly. So while her demanding presence and controlling attitude are useful, they do not fully make up for her lack of empathy and reluctance to cooperate with those she doesn’t respect.

Like Naoki, it is possible for Chiaki to conceal her demonic appearance. However, this takes quite a lot of energy, so she generally doesn’t bother unless it’s absolutely necessary.

*Her stats and skill set are as follows:

Tier: Exalted
Immune: Expel, Death
Resist: Physical, Ailments
Weak: Magic
Affinity: Physical, Support

Focus - A visible flash of power surges through Chiaki's arm, making her next Attack more then twice as powerful as it would normally be.

Xeros Beat - Chiaki uses her demonic arm to lash out with a wide, sweeping blow, dealing a crushing strike to all of her enemies and leaving many of them unable to strike back.

Megidolaon - One of the few Spells Chiaki knows; a violet globe forms in her hand, expanding enough to enclose all of her enemies and hit them with powerful Almighty magic.

Endure - Chiaki's natural stubbornness allows her to use this instinctive skill to endure beyond her usual limits, allowing her time to recover.

Tetrakarn - Chiaki's arm fractures into its component tendrils to form an intricate latticework shield over herself and her allies, making them temporarily immune to all non-Almighty Attacks.

Queen's Reign – A skill unique to Chiaki, she lets loose a powerful battle cry that cripples her enemies while giving strength to her allies (Casts Lemegeton and Debilitate).*


Story in The Seekers here.

Name: Virtue
Type: Virtue
Clan: Divine
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Expel, Nerve
Weak: Death, Curse
Divine Retribution
Name: Tiamat
Type: Tiamat
Clan: Dragon
Tier: Exalted
Reflect: Lightning
Drain: Ice
Weak: Force, Expel
Thunder Reign
Bolt Storm
Deadly Fury
Elec Break
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