NPCs - Master of the Cathedral of Shadows

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Clan: Unknown
Home: Cathedral of Shadows
Allegiance: Unknown
Not much is known about the mysterious Master of the Cathedral of Shadows, apart from what is already common knowledge; namely, that he is (they are?) among the best demonologists in Amala, and the only one (ones?) able to perform the art of demon fusion.

The lack of a concrete background has led to much speculation. Rumors abound that the original - perhaps even extant - Master was a contemporary of the mysterious developer of the Demon Summoning Program, STEVEN. If true, this would explain his (their?) creation of the Demonic Compendium, an add-on to the program that records known demonic species and acts as a field resource for demon summoners. A peculiar rumor places the Master as a servant of Taira no Masakado, who acts covertly to seed champions that will defend the various worlds of Amala, but there is little to no evidence backing up this claim.

The Master's politics are just as nebulous as his (their?) background. No information exists, except that the Cathedrals around Amala are all open to any visitors regardless of faction.

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