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Demon Alignment
Light-Law Light-Neutral Light-Chaos
Neutral-Law Neutral Neutral-Chaos
Dark-Law Dark-Neutral Dark-Chaos
Unique/Unfusable/Unrecruitable (Black)

Affinity The demon can start with up to three skills of its affinity's type.
Ailments A blanket term for mind, nerve, and curse skills.
Destroy A blanket term for skills that strike the target or targets dead instantly.
Drain The demon is healed by skills of this type.
Immune The demon cannot be affected by skills of this type.
Magic A blanket term for fire, ice, force, and lightning skills.
Reflect The demon reflects skills of this type back to the caster.
Resist Skills of this type are less effective against the demon.
Start The demon automatically starts with this skill.
Tier The demon's starting tier.
Weak Skills of this type are more effective against the demon.

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Alignment: Dark Chaos
Tiers: Common - Exalted
Destructive demons. Their uniformly aggressive nature marks Brutes as volatile allies, but warriors would appreciate the sheer destructive force they are eager to bring to the table.
Shikigami.jpg Shikigami
Tier: Common
Reflect: Lightning
Weak: Physical, Expel, Fire
Affinity: Lightning
A type of spirit summoned by Japanese sorcerers to do their bidding. Their true nature is quite violent.
Momunofu.jpg Momunofu
Tier: Common
Resist: Physical
Weak: Ailments
Affinity: Physical
The followers and guardians of the ancient Japanese god, Arahabaki. Some believed that they were the prototype and cognate of Momotaro and Mononofu.
Fomorian.jpg Fomorian
Tier: Common
Resist: Ice, Physical
Weak: Mind, Nerve
Affinity: Ice
Start: Berserk
A race of lesser deities who were said to inhabit Ireland in ancient times. They are said to have been beings that represent the gods of wild nature and chaos. They are depicted as giants with the body of a man and head of a goat or as having only one arm and one eye. The Fomors protected Ireland from invaders for many years, and it is not until the Tuatha Dé Danann settled on Ireland that the Fomor were finally defeated, and driven from Ireland.
Turdak.jpg Turdak
Tier: Common
Immune: Death
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Healing, Curse
A Tibetan lesser deity associated with illness and death. He is a servant of Yama and is depicted as a humanoid skeleton. While Turdak can bring illness and plague upon mankind, he also has the power to cure illness, or expel illness-causing demons if a dance is performed for him.
Karasu-Tengu.jpg Karasu-tengu
Tier: Grand
Immune: Force
Weak: Mind
Affinity: Curse
Start: Mazionga
A member of the smaller and more malevolent kotengu family. They are easily distinguished from other kotengu by their distinct crow-like features and are known to taint the living through haunting them and whispering corrupting words in their ears.
Oni.jpg Oni
Tier: Grand
Resist: Physical
Weak: Nerve
Affinity: Physical
Start: War Cry
Creatures from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theatre. Oni are known in folklore for attacking villages and plundering food, riches, and women.
Yaksa.jpg Yaksa
Tier: Grand
Immune: Ailments
Weak: Expel
Affinity: Physical, Mind
Demi-gods or natural spirits. The origin is debatable, but in the Vishnu-Purana, Yaksas were born from Brahma's soul along with the Rakshasa race, their eternal rivals. Their behavor varies from story to story. Some depict them as benevolent, while others describe them as similar to their cruel Rakshasa cousins.
Yomotsu-Ikusa.jpg Yomotsu-Ikusa
Tier: Grand
Immune: Death
Resist: Ice
Weak: Force
Affinity: Ailments
Part of the army of the underworld. Izanami sent them after Izanagi at Yomotsu Hirasaka, the entrance to the Yomi, the Japanese land of the dead. The army of these demons is led by Yomotsu-Shikome.
Shiki-Ouji.jpg Shiki-ouji
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Physical, Expel, Death
Weak: Fire
Affinity: Physical
Start: Megido
An exceptionally powerful type of shikigami that could only be summoned as a servant by the most elite of onmyoji. It could be used to scare away demons that cause sickness and to ward off disasters to its master. The Shikiouji's basic nature is said to be very close to that of an oni and is thus very ferocious, making it very dangerous for average mystics to attempt to summon it.
Kin-Ki.jpg Kin-ki
Tier: Exalted
Resist: Physical
Affinity: Physical
Start: Taunt, Tetrakarn
One of the Yonki (Four devils) controlled by Fujiwara-no-Chikata. Named after gold, Kin-ki's body is so strong that no weapon in existence can pierce it.
Sui-Ki.jpg Sui-ki
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Ice, Death
Weak: Fire
Affinity: Ice
Start: Ice Attack, Ice Boost
One of the Yonki (Four devils) controlled by Fujiwara-no-Chikata. Named after water, Sui-ki can freeze anything to the core.
Fuu-Ki.jpg Fuu-ki
Tier: Exalted
Immune: Force, Death
Weak: Lightning
Affinity: Force
Start: Force Attack, Force Boost
One of the Yonki (Four devils) that was summoned by Fujiwara-no-Chikata. Fuu-Ki can harness powerful winds which it uses to blow away enemies.

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