NPCs - Anuune

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Clan: Fairy
Home: The Sea of Binah
Allegiance: None
Anuune is the Elf proprietor of a popular supply store in the Sea of Binah, named Soma. Shy and unassuming, Anuune is quite the apothecary, possessing skill in both chemistry and magic. It's this skill that makes her the only current being with the ability to brew the drink for which her store is named.

Her ancestor of the same name once lived in the old world of Malkuth. The previous Anuune was likewise an apothecary, and had some chance encounters with Aleph, the human Messiah. In fact, these encounters were what eventually led to her long and happy marriage to Daleth, a warrior who was set against Aleph to increase Aleph's charisma and reputation. From this union came a healthy lineage, with a significant number of elves, humans, and hybrids alike preserving the expert potion brewing techniques of their progenitor. The current Anuune, latest in a long line of direct descendants, carries her ancestor's legacy with pride.

Obviously quite fond of her home in Binah, Anuune has led a very sheltered life. Because of this, she knows little of the greater politics of Amala, only what comes in and out of her front door. For example, her non-confrontational demeanor leads her to sympathize with Messian proselytizers who preach peace and joy. Their treatment of dissidents is well-hidden, especially in their initial pitch, and so Anuune has no inkling of Elysium as anything other than an idyllic paradise. On the other side of the coin, Gaian proselytizers often strike her as scary and overbearing, but she has noted that they generally offer fair wages for her work, and will reluctantly accept them into her store.

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