NPCs - Aki Hyuga/Aradia

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Clan: Goddess
Home: Mu
Allegiance: Nameless
The union of a false goddess who wanted to become real and a half-demon trying to stop the abuse of her family's power, Aradia and Aki Hyuga now reign as the goddess of Mu, the elusive new home of Naoki Kashima.

Aradia was called forth as a goddess by persecuted witches, who looked to her with hope in their eyes. Though she lacked substance, she gave hope to those who prayed to her, being forced to watch again and again as this hope proved insufficient to save them from death. So it was in the Vortex World, where her lack of power rendered her unable to truly save Yuko Takao. In the end, it was Yuko's student, Naoki, who managed to give Yuko the hope and power she needed, such that Aradia looked to him with the same sense of salvation. When he found her again and the two struck their deal to create a new home, she resolved not to fail this time, and her creation of Mu has given her comfort.

Aki Hyuga is a scion of the Anekohji family, a clan that has dabbled in the occult for centuries. A half-demon by birth, she has existed for long beyond any normal human's lifespan, watching over her family's land and the nearby Asao Private School and guarding it against those who would seek to exploit the power for their own gain. It was during one such attempt that the mystical Gate that opened to the Amala Network was summoned by a cabal of sorcerors seeking power, and Aki - through subterfuge and aid from others - managed to hijack the ceremony and fuse with the goddess descending to the world. Finding this goddess - Aradia - to be a benevolent entity, she agreed to be the conduit for creation. Now she lives on Mu with Aradia's allies and others seeking her protection, content that none shall bother her family again.

Aradia and Aki Hyuga share opinions on the other faction leaders. They both have little good or ill will towards the Churches and their masters, and Ishtar's prosperous reign over Binah leads them to be a touch envious. To Aradia, Naoki is her hope and help, the rock against which she can lean. To Aki, however, Naoki is merely an interesting boy with tremendous power, someone who bears following with interest.

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